Wedding Invitations

For that special occasion in a bride's life, part of the preparation involves the selection, preparation and posting of the wedding invitations and other wedding stationery. Traditionally, the wedding invitation is written or printed onto high quality paper or card, and contains the written invitation to the wedding, naming the bride and groom, and also specifying the date, time and place of the ceremony. It usually asks the receiver to reply to indicate whether or not they can attend.

In keeping with the special and fine nature of the wedding itself, the wedding invitation may contain special embossing and gold or silver gilting. The invitation may be wrapped in a tissue paper to protect delicate lettering, before being placed in an inner envelope or pocketfold, which is then placed in an outer envelope, addressed, stamped and posted.

It is traditionally the role of the bride's mother to take the lead role in the preparation and sending of the invitations.

Custom Made Wedding Invitations

If money is no object, and you want to involve the help of a professional wedding stationery designer, you can achieve very high quality designs and a finely presented wedding invitation and associated stationery. This can extend to the notice of seating arrangements, individual place settings for the meal, menus, and post-wedding thank you cards. The professional will discuss an appropriate style or design and carry this through to the various stationery items you require.

Pre-printed Wedding Invitations

As weddings can be very expensive occasions for couples and their families, many people will look for a way to cut back on costs. One way of doing this is to purchase pre-printed wedding invitations. There is no discussion on design here. You pick from a limited range of pre-designed invitations, with text already on the paper, and gaps where you fill in the names, places and times. It is possible to get a coordinated set of wedding stationery items such as invitations, evening invitations, place settings, thank you cards etc. using this method.

Do-it-Yourself Wedding Invitations

For those who are prepared to do a certain amount of customisation and printing/writing themselves, a middle road between the two choices above is the the do-it-yourself wedding invitation. Suppiers can provide the basic cards, pocketfolds, envelopes and embellishments, such as ribbons, diamant├ęs, and other optional ornamentation. A wide choice of styles and colours for the wedding stationery are available. This leaves room for the bride or bride's family to be creative and produce some customised, appropriate wording for the occasion.

With the help of the home computer, basic word processing software and a printer, it is now possible to achieve a quality result. Modern computers enable you to choose from a large choice of fonts and sizes, and print them directly onto the invitation. A mail-merge type facility can be used to place the names of the invitees into the printed text, thereby personalising each invitation. The word processor is also capable of printing the addresses onto the envelopes.

Just one note of caution. The DIY approach certainly opens up possibilities for personalisation and creativity, however, in so doing, it also opens up the possibility of errors and mistakes, such as spelling errors, text alignment errors or smudged printing. So if you choose this method, order some spare cards in case they need to be redone.